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Grecotel Elixir Spa


The Corfu Imperial’s setting and design are the perfect reflection of the hotel’s location — an island with a rich history, known for its Venetian architecture. 

We designed the Elixir Beauty Spa, located within the hotel, with inspiration from Corfu’s namesake Kerkyra, daughter of the river god Asopos. Corfu is a Greek island with Venetian influence. Unlike its blue and white designed Adriatic neighbours, the design inspiration for the Imperial looked to its neighbours in Italy. The designs use a contemporary style with traditional Italian and Greek details, layered with statuary and locally sourced relics.”
It features gentle turquoise colours and forms that celebrate fluidity and cascading water. The spa’s design incorporates carrara marble floors with traditional Greek patterning and features an organic flowing staircase to the thermal areas below. Speciality showers, Hammams, and the Pool are all connected to the garden to allow natural light and a connection to nature while relaxing.  
We also invite you to explore our design of the Grecotel Corfu Imperial.

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