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Today’s hotel and spa guest looks for more than a well-designed interior – they demand a unique and outstanding experience. Our talents lie in our ability to develop an unprecedented and compelling design story. We understand how to use design to correctly position a hotel or spa in its market while also defining operational functionality. This all means that we can be confident that the hotel or spa will not only be unique, it will also be fit for purpose, or what we call ‘suited’.


Over 15 years in some of the world's most accoladed interior design firms, working for hospitality clients both global and boutique - this is our high-level springboard. As Suited, we are a flexible collective of senior design professionals based out of Europe, the US and Asia. From public spaces to private spaces, and spa to bar: we bring the unique functions of the hotel together in conceptual harmony to create a seamless experience. And that makes us quite unique. 

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