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Montagu's Mews, The Royal Crescent


Montagu’s Mews aims to deliver a Bar, Dining and Garden experience which will celebrate the iconic Royal Crescent Hotel’s uniqueness while providing a decor that will out rival the current competition in Bath, which is experiencing a renaissance in its independent restaurants and bars. Inspired by the original resident of the No. 16 Royal Crescent, Elizabeth Montagu and her salons which hosted the Blue Stocking Society. The Blue Stocking Society was decidedly intellectual, cultural and inclusive and would have occurred at the intersection of private home and public life. Although less formal, less aristocratic and less rigidly structured than the French salons, there is no doubt that the Montagu salon was a showcase for polished tastes and a showcase for the gentry’s perception of themselves as the carriers of taste and culture. The rooms themselves would have been highly decorated with the latest tastes in art and culture as an invitation for elevated conversation and as a showpiece of social position. The rooms would have been highly decorative and remarkable, in fact, Elizabeth Montagu had one of her salon rooms decorated wall to wall with feathers from all over the world.

Using a dramatically re-imagined approach to the decorated rooms combined with the relaxed environment of home and garden living; creates the spirit and atmosphere of an 18th century British salon in a contemporary design vocabulary that is entirely unique to the area. It will set a benchmark for the iconic The Royal Crescent Bar Dining and Gardens of the future.

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