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The Autograph Casa Rius 


Art made by time: Celebrating the complex intricacies of a living history, the design takes a view; influenced by the historical nature of the building, that accepts and celebrates time, transience and imperfection as beauty.  Casa Rius is a precious building nestled into the tiny mountain village of d'Escaladei in Priorat. A building which has been integrated into the land and the community alike. It has a unique history as a heritage property and as a working winery, both a home and a business shared by the Rius family over generations. Given the unique character of the home, preservation of its essence as a heritage building and family country home, is paramount to transitioning this home to a world class hotel.

The Priorat region is one of Catalonia's best kept secrets and is posed to be a wine and gastronomic destination of the highest caliber, anticipating wine aficionados and epicureans from around the globe. The Autograph Casa Rius will have international recognition and set the gold standard for these epicureans and oenophiles who are looking for an unrivaled culinary getaway; it will be the gateway for the newly anticipated wave of tourism in this area.

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