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All of our ideas tap into the mindset of the modern traveller, without exception. We love immersing ourselves in a hotel’s individual character and location to understand how it lives and breathes. These insights give us the inspiration and understanding to set the tone of the design, making our work bespoke and our clients’ hotels uniquely remarkable.
Suited Interior Design is a global collective of talented and experienced hospitality designers. No templates, no tie-ins, no geographical boundaries - simply the experience and creative agility to define and tell a hotel's story through the medium of interior design.
As hospitality experts, we understand what today’s hotel guest wants, needs and craves more than anyone else and know how to unlock a property’s potential and boost its profitability.

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Suited's latest vision, an experience of tranquility, warmth and sophistication at The Grand Navigare in the Swiss Alps.


An Unrivaled Culinary Getaway

The unique Casa Rius is a precious building nestled into the tiny mountain village of d'Escaladei in Priorat.

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