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Ponta Delgada Hotel


Renovation of 125 room hotel on the island Sao Miguel island, Azores, Portugal. This very special location in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is known for its decorative black and white paving patterns, its beautiful clear green lakes, its volcanic rocks, cork products and artisan crafts devoted to the use of natural elements.

The art of fishcale art is an ancient craft special to the city; it is a painstaking process of bleaching the fishcales and turning them into beautiful floral pieces and is said to be born from the tears of the volcanic destruction that took place in the 16th century. Each room has hand crafted original fishcale art over the headboard. Furniture is bespoke with details from the rope ties of the docks and the use of cork in headboard and lighting. Bathroom tiles are a modern large scale terracotta tile which represents the roofscape of the city and the overall palette is black and white to reflect the colours of the city. The evergreen is a notable colour in the city and reflects the inclusion of nature even in the cities of the island.

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